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2012-2013 SDSM&T Academic Catalog 
2012-2013 SDSM&T Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ATM 625/625L Scaling in Geosciences/Lab

Credits: (2-1) 3

Issues regarding the scaling of geophysical processes across various problem domains in the geosciences will be presented and explored through lectures, labs and course projects. Topics include Fourier Analysis, Taylor/Moment Expansion Fractals, Power Laws, and Upscaling/Downscaling Techniques. Applications include Climate, Turbulence, Weather and Climate Prediction, Remote Sensing and GIS, Ecosystem Studies, Geology and Hydrology.

Prerequisites: MATH 125 , CSC 150/150L  or equivalent; MATH 442  or equivalent.
Corequisites: ATM 625L
Notes: Satisfies the techniques distribution requirement for the ATM M.S. program.

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