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2024-2025 Academic Catalog 
2024-2025 Academic Catalog

Program Codes

Associate of Arts

Program Name Program Code Program CIP
General Studies, AA   MAA.GST 240102

Bachelor of Science

Program Name Program Code Program CIP
Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences: Environmental Sciences Specialization, BS   MBS.AES-ESC 400401
Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences: Meteorology Specialization, BS   MBS.AES-MTO 400401
Biology, BS   MBS.BIO 260101
Biology: Environmental Biological Sciences Specialization, BS    MBS.BIO-ENV 260101
Biology: Molecular Biology Specialization, BS    MBS.BIO-MOL 260101
Biomedical Engineering, BS   MBS.BME 140501 
Business Management in Technology, BS   MBS.BTH 520216
Chemical Engineering, BS   MBS.CHG 140701
Chemical Engineering: Bioprocess and Biochemical Engineering Specialization, BS   MBS.CHG-BBE 140701 
Chemistry, BS   MBS.CHM 400501
Chemistry: Biochemistry Specialization, BS   MBS.CHM-BCS 400501
Chemistry: Green Chemistry Specialization, BS   MBS.CHM-GRC 400501
Civil Engineering, BS   MBS.CEE 140801
Civil Engineering: Environmental Engineering Specialization, BS   MBS.CEE-EVE 140801
Computer Engineering, BS   MBS.CEG 140901
Computer Science, BS   MBS.CSC 110101
Computer Science: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Specialization, BS   MBS.CSC-AI 110101 
Computer Science: Cybersecurity Specialization, BS   MBS.CSC-CYS 110101
Electrical Engineering, BS   MBS.EE 141001
Geological Engineering, BS   MBS.GEE 143901
Geology, BS   MBS.GEL 400601
Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, BS   MBS.IEG 143501 
Mathematics, BS   MBS.MTH 270101
Mathematics: Actuarial Science Specialization, BS   MBS.MTH-ACR 270101 
Mathematics: Data Science Specialization, BS   MBS.MTH-DSC 270101
Mechanical Engineering, BS   MBS.ME 141901
Metallurgical Engineering, BS   MBS.MET 142001
Mining Engineering, BS   MBS.MIN 142101
Physics, BS   MBS.PHY 400801
Pre-Professional Health Sciences, BS   MBS.PHN 309999 
Science, Technology, and Society, BS   MBS.STS 301501

Master of Science

Program Name Program Code Program CIP
Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences, MS   MMS.AES 400401
Biomedical Engineering, MS   MMS.BME 140501
Chemical and Biological Sciences, MS    MMS.CBS 300101
Chemical Engineering, MS   MMS.CHG 140701
Civil and Environmental Engineering, MS   MMS.CVE 140801 
Computer Science and Engineering, MS   MMS.CSN 110102
Construction Engineering and Management, MS   MMS.CEM 143301
Electrical Engineering, MS   MMS.EE 141001
Engineering Management, MS   MMS.EMG 151501
Geology and Geological Engineering, MS   MMS.GGE 143901
Industrial Engineering, MS   MMS.IEN 143501
Materials Engineering and Science, MS   MMS.MES 141801
Mechanical Engineering, MS   MMS.ME 141901
Mining Engineering and Management: Minerals Industry Management Specialization, MS   MMS.MEM-MIM 142101 
Mining Engineering and Management: Mining Engineering Specialization, MS   MMS.MEM-MIN 142101
Mining Engineering and Management: Mining Industry Applications Specialization, MS   MMS.MEM-MIA 142101
Nanoscience and Nanoengineering, MS   MMS.NAN 151601
Paleontology, MS   MMS.PAL 400604
Physics, MS   MMS.PHY 400801

Doctor of Philosophy

Program Name Program Code Program CIP
Biomedical Engineering, PhD   MPHD.BME 140501
Chemical and Biological Engineering, PhD   MPHD.CBE 140701 
Chemical and Biological Sciences, PhD   MPHD.CBS 400501
Civil and Environmental Engineering, PhD   MPHD.CVE 140801
Data Science and Engineering, PhD   MPHD.DEN 307001
Electrical Engineering, PhD   MPHD.EE 141001
Geology, Geological Engineering, and Mining Engineering: Geological Engineering Specialization, PhD   MPHD.GGM-GEE 143901 
Geology, Geological Engineering, and Mining Engineering: Geology Specialization, PhD   MPHD.GGM-GEL 143901
Geology, Geological Engineering, and Mining Engineering: Mining Engineering Specialization, PhD   MPHD.GGM-MIN 143901
Materials Engineering and Science, PhD   MPHD.MES 141801
Mechanical Engineering, PhD   MPHD.ME 141901
Nanoscience and Nanoengineering, PhD   MPHD.NAN 151601 
Physics, PhD   MPHD.PHY 400801


Program Name Program Code Program CIP
Aerospace Engineering Minor   MAE 140201
Atmospheric Sciences Minor   MAES 400401
Avionics Minor   MAVI 141001
Biology Minor   MBIO 260101
Biomaterials Minor   MBMT 142001
Business Management in Technology Minor   MBTH 520216 
Ceramic Engineering Minor   MCEN 140601
Chemistry Minor   MCHM 400501
Computational Statistics Minor   MCTS 270599
Computer Science Minor   MCSC 110101
Construction Engineering Minor   MCNE 143301
Critical Minerals - Exploration & Development Minor    MCEX 142101
Critical Minerals-Processing & Extraction     MCPS 142101
Environmental Engineering Minor   MEVE 141401
Environmental Science Minor   MESC 030104
Geology Minor   MGEL 400601
Geospatial Technology Minor   MGTC 143901
Global Engineering and Science Minor   MGLE 149999 
Materials Science - Metals Minor   MMSM 401001
Mathematics Minor   MMTH 270101
Military Science Minor   MMSL 280301
Mining Engineering Minor   MMIN 142101
Occupational Safety Minor   MOCS 512206
Petroleum Systems Minor   MPET 143901
Physics Minor   MPHY 400801
Robotics Minor   MROB 110701
Science, Technology, and Society Minor   MSTS 301501 
Sustainable Engineering Minor   MSEG 149999
Systems Engineering Minor   MSYE 141001


Program Name Program Code Program CIP
American Civic Traditions Certificate   MCERTU.ACV 451002
Basic Spanish Language Proficiency Certificate   MCERTU.BSP 160905 
Construction Engineering and Management Certificate   MCERTG.CEM 143301
Engineering Management and Leadership Certificate   MCERTU.EML 143501
Geospatial Technology- Graduate Certificate   MCERTG.GTC 143901
Geospatial Technology- Undergraduate Certificate   MCERTU.GTC 143901
Global Engineering and Science Certificate   MCERTU.GLE 149999
Mining 360 Certificate   MCERTG.360 142101
Occupational Safety Certificate    MCERTG.OCS 512206 
Petroleum Systems Certificate   MCERTG.PET 143901
Quantum Communications - Undergraduate Certificate   MCERTU.QNT 151601
Quantum Communications - Graduate Certificate   MCERTG.QNT 151601
Six Sigma Greenbelt Certificate   MCERTU.SSG 143501