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2019-2020 SDSM&T Academic Catalog 
2019-2020 SDSM&T Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

GEOL 331/331L Stratigraphy and Sedimentation/Lab

Credits: (2-1) 3

The principles of correlation and sediment analysis are discussed. A background in sedimentary source materials, depositional environments, nomenclature and classification of stratigraphic units, and the interpretation of stratigraphic units will be presented. Emphasis is placed on modern depositional systems and their ancient counterparts. Laboratory exercises stress field trips to local sections, facies descriptions, rock analysis, and interpretation of an exploration prospect.

Prerequisites: GEOL 201  /GEOL 201L  or GEOE 221/221L  or permission of instructor.
Corequisites: GEOL 331L
Notes: Students pursuing a BS in Geology must earn a grade of “C” or higher in this course to meet subsequent course prerequisite requirements. Please consult the requirements, including courses and course prerequisites, for the Geology, BS  degree. 

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