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2021-2022 SDSM&T Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 SDSM&T Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Industrial Engineering Department

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Contact Information

Dr. Jeffrey C. Woldstad, Professor and Head
Department of Industrial Engineering
LIB 148
(605) 394-2628
E-mail: Jeffrey.Woldstad@sdsmt.edu


Professors Kerk and Woldstad; Associate Professors Jensen and Piper; Assistant Professors Dubey, Guo and Na; and Professor Emeritus Kellogg.

Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management

Industrial Engineering is concerned with the design, improvement, installation, and management of integrated systems of people, material, and equipment.  Focus areas within Industrial Engineering include human factors, ergonomics and safety, operations research, management, manufacturing and quality systems.  Engineering Management is a closely related discipline that considers how management principles can be applied to technology organizations.  Focus areas within Engineering Management include operations management, supply chain management, logistics, systems engineering and management science. 

Degree Programs

The Industrial Engineering Department supports the dual accredited BS degree in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management , the MS degree in Engineering Management , and the MS degree in Engineering Management 

Minors and Certificate Programs

An undergraduate minor is offered in Occupational Safety . Students who complete this minor are often able to pursue safety-related career opportunities in technical organizations upon graduation. Undergraduate certificate programs offered are the Six Sigma Greenbelt  and the Engineering Management and Leadership  certificate. These programs provide students with additional specialization in cutting-edge management practices. A graduate certificate programs is offered in Occupational Safety . Similar to the undergraduate certificate programs, completing the additional coursework associated with this certificate is intended to provide an additional credential that graduate students can use in seeking employment upon graduation.

Research Areas

Faculty in the Industrial Engineering department are involved in a variety of research projects in the areas of human factors, ergonomics, operations research, transportation and manufacturing engineering.


The Human Factors Laboratory supports the research and coursework in work methods and measurement, ergonomics/human factors engineering, safety engineering, and industrial hygiene.  Equipment housed in this laboratory includes devices to allow human motion tracking, eye tracking, measurement of electromyographs and human force measurement. The Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory, supports research and teaching in automated manufacturing methods, inspection, and production control.  Equipment housed within this laboratory include: robots and automated material handling equipment, a computer-controlled laser cutting/engraving system, three-dimensional printers, computer vision/inspection and data acquisition systems, programmable controllers, and a variety of computer numerically controlled mills, routers and lathes.

Additional Information

Additional information may be found at the department website: http://ie.sdsmt.edu.



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