May 29, 2020  
2013-2014 SDSM&T Academic Catalog 
2013-2014 SDSM&T Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Construction Management, M.S.


Contact Information

Dr. Scott Amos
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
C/M 123
(605) 394-1694

Construction Management (Online)

The Master of Science in Construction Management (MSCM) degree is designed to provide a program of advanced study for candidates anticipating a managerial career in the construction industry. In addition to course delivery in a hybrid distance mode, flexibility is built into the program to provide an optimum educational experience for working students.

Background Requirements

The construction management coursework is geared towards the working construction professional.  The successful applicant will have a background in business, science, engineering, technology or a related field with at least one semester of calculus and a course in probablity and statistics.

Many students enter the program immediately after completing an appropriate undergraduate degree in the traditional disciplines of civil, electrical, mechanical, architectural, or industrial engineering.  An accelerated Master of Science (BS/MS) degree is available for qualified seniors in the engineering B.S. programs at the School of Mines.  The accelerated master’s degree program allows B.S. engineering students to take up to nine (9) graduate level credits to simultaneously meet undergraduate and graduate degree program requirements.

For more information about background requirements or the accelerated master’s degree program, contact Dr. Scott Amos


The 33 hour non-thesis MSCM degree program is an interdisciplinary curriculum that includes 18 hours of construction management oriented course and 15 hours of electives allowing a candidate’s program of study to reflect both individual interests and career goals.

The requirements for the MSCM degree are as follows:

  1. A program of at least 33 credit hours of coursework, of which  at least 18 credit hours must be CM graduate coursework. 
  2. At least 18 credit hours of coursework at the 600 level or higher.
  3. No more than 3 credits may be CM 691 , CM 788 CM 791 , or CP 697 .
  4. Undergraduate courses (400 level and below) or project credits will not count toward graduation.
  5. Meeting or exceed prescribed academic standards.
  6. All rules and regulations of the graduate office, including elsewhere, apply to candidates for the degree of master of science in construction management.

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