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2017-2018 SDSM&T Academic Catalog 
2017-2018 SDSM&T Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Engineering Management, M.S.

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Contact Information

Dr. Frank Matejcik
Industrial Engineering
LIB 146
(605) 394-6066
E-mail: Frank.Matejcik@sdsmt.edu

School of Mines Faculty

Professor Woldstad, Kellogg, and Kerk; Associate Professors Matejcik, Jensen, and Piper; Assistant Professor Dubey; and Instructor Jensen.

Engineering Management

The M.S. degree in Engineering Management (MSEM) is designed to provide a program of advanced study in technically oriented disciplines for candidates anticipating a managerial career. It is a multi-disciplinary applications-oriented degree, which draws from the fields of engineering, management, business, operations research and management science.

The intent of the program is to provide an interface between training received in engineering and scientific disciplines with the management of resources and personnel in a technical environment. In addition to being available in distance mode, flexibility is built into the program in order to provide an optimum educational experience to students. Graduates of the EM program are likely to find an initial position as a mid level supervisor within a broad range of applications requiring the use of quantitative models to integrate human and material resources necessary to perform an integrated function. Program specific information and resources may be found at the department of industrial engineering website: http://ie.sdsmt.edu.

The Engineering Management (ENGM)  program has an accelerated BS/MS degree option that will enable a student to complete both the B.S. and M.S. degrees in as little as 5 years.  The accelerated B.S./M.S. program is highly selective, for which students must apply for admission.  Students interested in the accelerated program are strongly encouraged to apply at the end of their junior year.  A minimum undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.0 at the time the student applies to the program is required.  The MS program may grant exceptions to the GPA requirement under situations approved by the Dean of Graduate Education.  Up to 12 credits of 400/500/600 credits applied toward the B.S. program may also be used to satisfy graduate credit requirements. Dual-counted courses must be taken at the 400/500/600 level as an undergraduate. Only courses taken at SDSM&T are eligible for dual credit. No transferred courses will be allowed to count toward the accelerated master’s degree.

Students applying to the ENGM accelerated B.S./M.S. program must fill out an accelerated B.S./M.S. Advising Plan and find an interim advisor or major professor prior to admission to the B.S./M.S. program. The accelerated B.S./M.S. Advising Plan can be revised at any time, with the concurrence of the interim advisor or major professor and the ENGM program coordinator. Please contact the program coordinator (Dr. Frank Matejcik) for further information.

Application should be made through the graduate office at School of Mines http://graded.sdsmt.edu/prospective/apply All candidates for this degree must possess a bachelor’s degree from a four-year accredited institution, in which satisfactory performance has been demonstrated. In addition to these requirements, the following minimum bachelor’s level credits shall have been completed:

  1. Mathematics one year minimum, to include algebra and basic calculus (Equivalent to School of Mines MATH 123 ).
  2. Six semester hours of natural and physical science (fields of geology, astronomy, biology, meteorology, chemistry, and physics) and which must include at least 3 credit hours of chemistry or physics.
  3. Three semester hours of probability and statistics. (Students may complete prerequisite requirements in probability and statistics through an Internet-based study option. Students desiring this option should contact the program coordinator.)

In addition, individual elective courses may have additional prerequisite requirements. A maximum of 12 semester hours of credit may be transferred into the candidate’s program from another institution. This must be from a regionally accredited institution. Application materials will be evaluated by an admission committee composed of the program director and such other faculty as deemed appropriate for the review. Recommendations from this committee will be made to the Dean of Graduate Education and research at the School of Mines.

Requirements for the degree include the completion of a minimum of 24 credits of coursework and 6 credits of research for the thesis option, or 32 credits of coursework for the non-thesis option. A cumulative GPA of 3.0 must be obtained by the end of the program of study and other general and master’s level grade requirements must be maintained as specified in this catalog. The probation policy outlined in this catalog applies to all credits taken.

The continuing registration requirement must be satisfied at the School of Mines campus. Students utilizing transfer credits should plan accordingly and ensure that they are officially enrolled in a minimum of the two credits from the School of Mines the semester in which they graduate.

In the early stages of the candidate’s program, a student advisor will be appointed by the program director of School of Mines. The advisor will meet with the student to prepare a program along the direction of the specific emphasis desired. The advisor and student will then organize a advisory committee, and file their committee program of study with the School of Mines graduate office according to the directions specified under “Supervision of the Master’s Program” of the Master of Science Programs section of this catalog.

Core Course Requirements

A minimum of 3 semester hours of required coursework must be completed in each of four discipline areas. Discipline areas and allowable courses are shown below.


Operations Management


Students wishing to utilize transfer courses to satisfy core requirements should contact their advisor or the program coordinator for suitability of transfer credits. In some cases, agreements with other state institutions are already available.

Recommended Elective Courses

Any core course not used to satisfy core requirements may be used as an elective. Students may use any graduate School of Mines course provided it is approved by their committee. ENGM courses are available in distance learning mode and are listed below.

Transfer Credits

Students may transfer up to 12 credits from another accredited institution or from another SDSM&T graduate degree program provided they meet the graduate office guidelines and program approval.

Sample Programs

The following are sample programs for the project option for a student with a mining engineering degree (Student A), and a non-thesis option for a student contemplating a career as a laboratory manager in a government laboratory (Student B).

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