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2018-2019 SDSM&T Academic Catalog 
2018-2019 SDSM&T Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Master of Engineering

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Contact Information

Program Director
Dr. Maribeth Price, Dean of Graduate Education

Civil & Environmental Engineering Emphasis
Dr. Marc Robinson

Electrical Engineering Emphasis
Dr. Magesh Rajan

Materials Engineering & Science Emphasis
Dr. Jon Kellar
(605) 394-2343


The Master of Engineering program at SD Mines is a course-based professional non-thesis master’s degree program with three technical emphasis areas in Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE), Electrical Engineering (EE), and Materials Engineering & Science (MES).  

No Accelerated MS option is available for this degree.

Degree requirements for the Master of Engineering

Distribution of credits

Core requirements: 21-22 credits
Research or project requirements: 0-3 credits
Elective requirements: 6-9 credits
Total credits: 30

A minimum of 15 credits of the 30 required must be taken at the 600 level or above.

Core requirements

A minimum of 15 credits of engineering content in one of three available technical emphasis areas as described below.

A minimum of 6 credits of management courses must be selected from the list below.

Civil and Environmental Engineering emphasis area

  • At least 15 credit hours of  graduate coursework with the CEE prefix (500 level courses and above)
  • No more than 3 credits may be from CEE 691 , CEE 788 CEE 791 , or CP 697 
  • The following courses may not be applied to the M. Eng. degree: CEE 790  and CEE 798 .

Electrical Engineering Emphasis

Materials Engineering and Science Emphasis

Management Courses List

Courses are available in any of our three online MS professional programs of Engineering Management (ENGM), Construction Engineering and Management (CEM), and Mining Engineering and Management (MEM). Students select a minimum of two of the courses (6 credits) listed below to meet the management course requirement.

Research or project requirements

The completion of a project or non-thesis research is optional for this degree.

** Up to 3 credits of CEE 788 may be counted toward the Civil and Environmental Engineering emphasis

**Up to 2 credits of EE 788 may be counted toward the Electrical Engineering emphasis.

**Up to 2 credits of MES 788 may be counted toward the Materials Engineering and Science emphasis.

Elective requirements

  • An additional 6-9 credits of coursework may be taken in either the technical area or in management.

All electives must be approved by the student’s advisor or advisory committee.


Each student is required to complete a written Master’s examination to graduate from the program. The Master’s exam is administered by the department or program for each emphasis area, and is given in the student’s final semester before graduation. The student is presented with a list of problems or issues drawn from the degree emphasis and is asked to prepare a proposal for a project intended to solve one of them. The proposal should address the technical background of the problem, the promised deliverables, the management structure of the project team, a work plan for completion, and a costing and budget analysis, in fifteen pages or less. The proposal must be submitted to the emphasis area program coordinator no later than the last day to hold a thesis or dissertation defense as scheduled by the Office of Graduate Education. The program coordinator must report the examination results to the Office of Graduate Education using the form on the Graduate Education web page.

Additional requirements

In addition to these degree-specific requirements, the student must also meet the requirements and policies applied to all graduate degrees  by the Council of Graduate Education.

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