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2019-2020 SDSM&T Academic Catalog 
2019-2020 SDSM&T Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Global Engineering and Science Certificate

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Contact Information

Ivanhoe International Center
Surbeck Center Lower Level
(605) 394-6884
E-mail: International@sdsmt.edu

Program Information

Many engineers and scientists encounter projects in unfamiliar cultures and work on multinational/multicultural teams. The Certificate in Global Engineering and Science provides cross cultural insight and experience that will increase the ability of engineers and scientists to work successfully on projects and teams in other countries and cultures. Students learn intercultural communication and teaming skills, and then complete a cross cultural design, research, or capstone project while working on multinational/multicultural teams, or by working on a project in a different country or culture, such as a Native American community. This certificate will more fully prepare graduates as global professionals and provide evidence to employers of the ability to understand client expectations and unspoken priorities and select appropriate and indigenous technology.

Students from any discipline at the School of Mines may pursue the Certificate in Global Engineering and Science by completing eleven (11) credit hours of coursework as described below.

Certificate Requirements

Cross Cultural Engineering Design

Students must complete a 2 credit cross cultural design, research, or capstone activity (e.g., an approved design, science research, or capstone project; co-op; or engineering design, research, or capstone course in a foreign culture or country.) The design, research, or capstone activity must be pre-approved by the program coordinator and a technical advisor. Select two (2) credits from the list below:

Cross Cultural Teamwork or Project Management

Students must complete three (3) credits from the following courses to improve their understanding in cross cultural teamwork or project management.

Cross Cultural Communication

Students must complete 6 credits from the following list of courses to expand their understanding of human nature, social systems, or cross-cultural communication in a global context.

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