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2020-2021 SDSM&T Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 SDSM&T Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Geological Engineering, BS

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Contact Information

Dr. Laurie Anderson, Department Head 
Department of Geology and Geological Engineering
Mineral Industries 303
(605) 394-2461

For more information on the geological engineering bachelor’s degree see the Department of Geology and Geological Engineering  page under Undergraduate Studies in this catalog. The bachelor of science program in geological engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,, 415 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21201, Phone +1.410.347.7700.

GEOE Flowchart  

Geological Engineering Curriculum/Checklist

It is the student‘s responsibility to check with his or her advisor for any program modifications that may occur after the publication of this catalog.

Freshman Year

First Semester

Total: 17

Second Semester

Total: 16

Sophomore Year

First Semester

Total: 15

Second Semester

Total: 17

Junior Year

Senior Year

First Semester

Total: 16

Second Semester

Total: 14


Total: 6

130 credits required for graduation

Curriculum Notes

Additional coursework in mathematics and statistics is encouraged.  MATH 381  and MATH 382  are recommended statistics courses.  MATH 432/532  is recommended for students interested in numerical modeling of partial differential equations.

1 A grade of “C” or better is required in these courses for graduation with a Geological Engineering BS Degree.

Approved Electives (3 credits required):

2 The purpose of the approved elective is to allow students to gain knowledge that will support their chosen area of expertise through a course that may or may not have significant engineering content.  Commonly, students will enroll in a GEOE or GEOL course, co-op credits, or other advisor-approved courses to satisfy these three credits.  All of the courses listed in the “Professional Elective” list below will also satisfy the approved elective requirement, but courses cannot be double-counted. 


Professional Electives (6 credits required):

3 Professional elective courses must contain significant engineering content.  The list below includes courses that satisfy the GEOE professional elective requirement.  Students may take a course that is not on the list if it is approved by their advisor (including 600-level graduate courses). 

*denotes courses whose prerequisite is also on this list and would be taken as a pair.

ψdenotes courses that have MEM 304/304L Theoretical and Applied Rock Mechanics/Lab  as a prerequisite (typically taken during the spring semester of senior year).

^ Environmental Engineering or Petroleum sections only

&Geometallurgy Section only

General Education Requirements (30 Credits)

4 Fulfills General Education requirement. Students should consult the “General Education Requirements ” section of this catalog for a complete listing of all general education requirements.

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