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2021-2022 SDSM&T Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 SDSM&T Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Industrial Engineering, MS

Contact Information

Dr. Jeffrey C. Woldstad, Professor and Head
Department of Industrial Engineering
LIB 148
(605) 394-2628

MS in Industrial Engineering

The MS in Industrial Engineering is a research oriented on-campus degree program offered with a thesis option. Students interested in either a distance/online program or a non-thesis option are referred to the MS in Engineering Management.

SD Mines students admitted to the Accelerated MS option may apply up to 9 credits of 500/600 level courses taken as an undergraduate to both the BS and MS degrees.

Degree requirements for thesis option

Distribution of credits

Core requirements: 9 credits
Research or project requirements: 6 credits
Elective requirements: 15 credits
Total credits: 30

A minimum of 15 credits of the 30 required must be taken at the 600 level or above.

Core requirements

Operations Research (3 credits)

Ergonomics/Safety (3 credits)

Production (3 credits)

Research or project requirements

The completion of a master’s thesis, approved by the student’s graduate advisory committee and the Dean of Graduate Education, is required for the thesis degree. A minimum of 6 credits of ENGM 798 (Thesis Research) must be taken under the direction of the major professor. This work must result in a thesis document that conforms to the standards listed under “Thesis submission requirements” in this catalog.

  • Credits: Credit to be arranged *
  • *At least 6 credits of ENGM 798 are required for this degree. No more than 6 credits of ENGM 798 may be counted toward the degree.

Elective requirements

  • At least 15 credits of electives are required

Elective courses must be 500 level or above and be approved by the students advisory committee.  Potential Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management elective courses are listed below.


A master’s research proposal defense and an oral thesis defense are required of all candidates pursuing the thesis option in the MSEM degree program. This defense will serve as the final examination for students in this program.

Additional requirements

When a student is admitted to the program, a graduate advisor will be appointed by the program coordinator. The advisor will work with the student to prepare a program study that reflects the career goals of the student and the available courses. Within the first semester, students will be required to select a major professor, organize an advisory committee, and have a program of study approved. The program of study can be revised at any time, with the concurrence of the graduate advisor or major professor and the ENGM program coordinator.

In addition to these degree-specific requirements, the student must also meet the requirements and policies applied to all graduate degrees  by the Council of Graduate Education.