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2021-2022 SDSM&T Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 SDSM&T Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biomaterials Minor

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Contact Information

Dr. Katrina J. Donovan
Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering
Mineral Industries 106
(605) 394-2696
E-mail: katrina.donovan@sdsmt.edu

Department Main Office
Administrative Assistant
Jessica Zacher, Senior Secretary
Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering
Mineral Industries 115
(605) 394-2341
Email: Jessica.Zacher@sdsmt.edu

The purpose of this minor is to provide students with an interest in biological materials an opportunity to explore the Biomaterials field. Biomaterials is a broad field that encompasses materials that can be natural or synthetic and how they interact with biological systems. Biomaterials can include cellulose (derived from wood) as a filler to strengthen plastics. Another example is a titanium rod used in a hip joint, and the complexities of the interaction between the material and human body.  

This program will offer an opportunity for students who have a related interests in biomaterials the opportunity to earn a minor in this field of study. For students with a more traditional engineering degree, who have had interests in biological systems, this minor offers a pathway for them to pursue. Upon completion of the minor, the students would be better prepared for a job in bio-industry, further education (graduate school), or potentially medical school. Adding this minor to their degree would set the students apart when pursing a job in bio-related fields.

The requirements for a Biomaterials minor are

Total: 18 Credits

Curriculum Notes

MET 432/532 MET 445/545 , and MET 450/550  are offered in alternate years, so plans for a Biomaterials minor should be made early.

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