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2021-2022 SDSM&T Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 SDSM&T Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

CHEM 342 Physical Chemistry I

Credits: 2 to 3

A study of the fundamental principles governing the behavior of chemical systems. Topics covered in the two-semester sequence include thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, quantum mechanics, and statistical mechanics.  Properties of gases; first and second laws of thermodynamics; physical transformations of pure substances; simple mixtures and phase diagrams; chemical equilibrium and equilibrium electrochemistry. 

Prerequisites: MATH 123  and CHEM 114  or CHEM 326  and PHYS 113  or PHYS 213  
Notes: Students taking the course for 2 credits will not cover the first and second laws of thermodynamics and will require CBE 222  as a prerequisite. Taking this course for 2 credits will not count towards a Chemistry minor or major.

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